It’s been a while since posted any guides so I thought we would start again with everyone’s new favourite RTS title ‘Halo Wars’.  It took us a while to figure out to get all of these skulls following our review of the game but we finally made it and we’re ready to share it all with everyone… Having problems finding any of these items? Hit us up in the forums.

Mission 1: Alpha Base
Skull Name: Look Daddy!
Skull Task & Location: Kill 100 Grunts – Get a warthog and rush back to the front gate of alpha base. The skull is where the Marines were held up.
Black Box Location: Under last bridge before entering back gate of Alpha Base.

Mission 2: Relic Approach
Skull Name: Grunt Birthday Party
Skull Task & Location: Kill 20 Jackals – Head back to alpha base with a warthog, it is in the south end of the base.
Black Box Location: Up in area through Covenant shield with supply crates. Top left on map.

Mission 3: Relic Interior
Skull Name: Cowbell
Skull Task & Location: Kill 45 Hunters – Take a Grizzly, Anders, Forge and your Marines back to where they were held up on the central pad.
Black Box Location: Left of start point, near Pelican crash site. Outside the Relic.

Mission 4: Arcadia City
Skull Name:Wuv Woo
Skull Task & Location: Kill 50 Elites – Where you set up base two in the streets there are some stairs next to it leading to a bronze statue. It is next to the statue.
Black Box Location: At the base of the elevator tower where you save Adam, near controls.

Mission 5: Arcadia Outskirts
Skull Name: Fog
Skull Task & Location: Kill 5 Wraiths – Get a warthog and rush back up the tracks to the left of your main base and just keep going straight past the split in the tracks.
Black Box Location: Off main road down the first ramp, behind a destroyed Pelican.

Mission 6: Dome of Light
Skull Name: Sickness
Skull Task & Location: Kill 50 Banshees – Take a squad of Marines to the hanger behind your base. It is right there.
Black Box Location: Far side of map, where you transport the third Rhino by Pelican.

Mission 7: Scarab
Skull Name: Rebel Sympathizer
Skull Task & Location: Kill 10 Locusts – Get a warthog and take it to the top left of the map where there were two locusts and a power node. It is right there.
Black Box Location: Right side of map, in cave like alcove with supply crates.

Mission 8: Anders’ Signal
Skull Name: Rebel Supporter
Skull Task & Location: Kill 750 Infection Forms – Head to north side of the map where you got the elephant, head east towards a cliff, but you’ll see a ridge. Go into the ridge.
Black Box Location: Near big brute fire line at the start, on a ridge to the right.

Mission 9: The Flood
Skull Name: Rebel Leader
Skull Task & Location: Kill 20 Flood Stalks – Just to the north-east of your main base is a downed pelican. Take a warthog to claim it.
Black Box Location: Straight out from the base ramp on the maps other side.

Mission 10: Shield World
Skull Name: Catch
Skull Task & Location: Kill 350 Swarms – Get at least two hornets and fly east of your base, past the first tower to a plateau covered with flood eggs… it is in the centre.
Black Box Location: With Bravo platoon, the middle platoon that you pick up.

Mission 11: Cleansing
Skull Name: Sugar Cookies
Skull Task & Location: Kill 100 Sentinels – Take a hornet to the front end of the spirit of fire and it is right on the nose of the ship.
Black Box Location: Left rear of the ship, on wings that slant down…need flying unit.

Mission 12: Repairs
Skull Name:Boomstick
Skull Task & Location: Kill 12 Spirit Transports – Take a hawk to the lower two airlocks and it is right up the little ramp in the air.
Black Box Location: Left edge of Spirit of Fire, not far from Power Core building…left side.

Mission 13: Beachhead
Skull Name: Pain Train
Skull Task & Location: Kill 10 Bomber Forms – Head back to the beginning of the map by the first teleporter and head down the path to a flood nest, it is right next to this nest
Black Box Location:On ledge near second set of teleporters, behind Covenant base.

Mission 14: Reactor
Skull Name: Bountiful Harvest
Skull Task & Location: Kill 20 Vampires – Head to the second covenant base and it is in the far corner at the bottom of the next ramp.
Black Box Location: Up and left at top of first ramp, on the edge of the actual ramp

Mission 15: Escape
Skull Name: Emperor
Skull Task & Location: Kill 3 Scarabs – Head to the very north of the map and it is dead centre of the entire flood.
Black Box Location: Northern part of map, directly across from starting point.  Between Covenant base and Flood area.