With the rise of smartphones, tablets and their associated apps, practically every industry and entertainment medium has been quick to release their own applications. In the video game industry, this trend has manifested itself in to apps that allow for players to remotely engage with their favourite games, coordinate their online multiplayer wheelings and dealings, and extend their gameplay onto the new touch-sensitive mediums, opening up a wealth of new experiences. With so many gaming apps being currently released, we decided to pick and share a few of our favourites.


Titanfall Companion App

Providing what is known as second screen support, the Titanfall app makes an already excellent game even better, giving players the ability to track their features and read up on the lore, items, weapons, maps and Titan loadouts within the game. The app also can turn the device using the app into a big, real-time minimap; great news for those that love to be immersed in their favourite title!

Coral Mobile

The new mobile betting app from Coral is a great app for lovers of a little wager. With the ability to place bets whilst on the go, and with constantly updating fixtures and sports news. Sports fans will never be left in the dark again; great news for wives and girlfriends everywhere!

Battlefield 4 Commander& Battlelog

Not everybody in the army wants to fight on the frontline, and if you’re one of these people (or just happen to be out and about fancying a game on your smartphone, then the Battlefield 4 app is a must-have. With the app, you can play as overall commander, coordinating troops and teams, ordering in air strikes, UAV reconnaissance, gunships and all manner of ordinance. The app also has built in VOIP, so you can yell at other players in a manner reminiscent of an action movie sergeant!

iFruit, GTA V

An expansive app for lovers of the excellent Grand Theft Auto 5, iFruit allows players an wonderful selection of smartphone- oriented abilities and features. Design your vehicles at Los Santos Customs; painjobs, parts and plates akimbo; and do so either when you’re away from your console or whilst you’re playing the game itself. Are you and a mate messing around on the same console? Never again will there be that tedious few minutes spent in the repair shop; as you indulge in a spate of carjacking or gun running, your friend can make the car of your dreams, ready for you to drive up to collect. The app also allows you to train and upgrade Franklin’s dog, Chop, actually turning the mutt into a useful game feature!