Battlefield 3 Servers

Love Battlefield 3? We do too and that’s why we have created several servers for you to play on.  Recently we learned that there was a lack of standard rule based servers available on the server browser so that’s why we have stepped in and created these servers.  Continuing reading for more information.

Xboxer360 Battlefield 3 Index

  1. The Servers
  2. Current Sponsors
  3. Become a VIP
  4. General Server Rules

The Servers

We now have five servers online:

  • XBOXER360.COM #1 – Vanilla Rush Standard Maps Only
    Full standard map rotation running Rush with standard rule set (similar to DICE and EA Servers)
  • XBOXER360.COM #2 – Vanilla Conquest Standard Maps Only
    Full map rotation running Conquest standard rule set (similar to DICE and EA Servers)
  • XBOXER360.COM #3 – Vanilla Rush & Conquest Large Maps Only
    Standard set rules for both RUSH and CONQUEST on Kharg Island, Operation Firestorm and Caspian Border
  • XBOXER360.COM #4 – Vanilla DLC Maps Only (All Game Modes)
    Full DLC map rotation with all game modes
  • XBOXER360.COM – Community Choice Server
    Maps and game modes are picked by our community, to have your say please email community[at]  New playlists will be chosen on a weekly basis.

Current Sponsors

Xbox Points is a new and exciting site aiming to provide customers with a fast and reliable service, we pride ourselves on our quick delivery of points/vouchers and of our great customer services.

Become a VIP

Tired of waiting in queues to join our servers? Become a VIP and jump straight to the front of the queue.  Becoming a VIP costs just £2 per month via PayPal.  For more details please email bf3vip[at]

General Server Rules

When joining one of our servers we will instantly assume that you are aware of our rules and are therefore accountable for all rules that you may break.

  • No glitching or cheating
    All cheaters and glitchers will receive an instant lifetime ban, our players are important to us so if you detract from their playing experience then there will be repercussions.
  • No text/voice abuse
    We all know that playing games online can often lead to trash talking but any direct abuse towards other players will result in a kick and then a ban if the offending player continues to cause trouble.
  • No racism
    Players caught being racist will be instantly banned and reported to Microsoft Xbox and the Police.  Racism will NOT be tolerated in any form on our servers.
  • Be nice
    Please be nice to all players and admins whilst using our servers.
  • Have fun
    This is probably the biggest rule that we have on our servers, please make sure you have fun and please spread the word about our servers.