If you’ve been playing a lot of Undead Labs’ State of Decay recently, you’ll know that it’s quite a task to keep up with the day-to-day running of your survival camp, as well as ensuring your group’s safety. We have a few tips to prevent your camp from being overrun by flesh-eating zombies and to keep your group happy.

Pay attention to missions

You might enjoy wandering off to explore abandoned gun shops and minimarts, but that still means you need to pay attention to what’s happening back home. Your survival camp will often fill you in via your radio of any problems such as people feeling angry or a new trade request has occurred, which involves exchanging some of that tasty food you’ve got stored away for some ammunition rounds.

I know from my own personal experience, that it’s easy to become emerged in this undead open world, so it’s vital that you keep listening out for the radio transmission sent out from your base. Failing to do so, could spell a deadly fate for your fellow survivors.

Stockpile cars

Cars are pretty limited in the world, so if you see a car it’s probably worth grabbing and taking back to your home camp. If you’ve got the right workshop set up, you’ll be able to park it out front and repair it overnight too. I highly recommend getting a workshop, after all cars don’t replenish and once you’ve got them all off the roads the only way to get a brand new set of wheels is to call in a favour from a fellow surviving businessman.

Weapon choice

There’s a whole range of weapons on offer and you’re left with the difficult choice of which one to pick. I always kept a backup melee weapon with me because you never know how long each weapon is going to last before breaking. Another aspect you have to think about is the type of attack you’re going to deal with each weapon. A shovel takes a long swing knocking back zombies in front of you, while a sword deals sharp critical hits to a zombie. The heavier weapons also use more stamina, so it might be worth packing a lot of snacks in your backpack to replenish your stamina bar quickly.

Guns also require the same amount of thought. Revolvers are particularly useful for taking out zombies quickly and efficiently, while an SMG struggles to remain accurate at popping heads off. My favourite load-out usually involved some sort of bladed melee weapon and a spare of course and then I’d carry a sidearm such as a pistol or revolver.

Suppress your guns

A suppressor on your guns is vital to any firearm in State of Decay. As you probably already know, gun shots are pretty loud and it’s your job to make them quieter by finding a homemade suppressor and attaching it to your gun. In turn this will prevent you from attracting nearby zombies and allow a quick and efficient way of killing the odd zombie or two. Obviously against a zombie horde it serves no purpose, as you’ll be frantically blasting heads off.

Stealth can help

It’s a mechanic introduced at the start of the game in the somewhat tutorial stage, when you’re told to start sneaking around bashing unsuspecting zombies in the head or throwing their face into the curb. It goes to say that stealth is a really useful tool in State of Decay, particularly on night missions when visibility is often poor. Rather than running around, use B to sneak past or up to foes to execute a stylish takedown move.

I’m not a massive fan of the stealth approach in games, but I can definitely see its use in certain situations here – particularly at night when the zombies know exactly where you are, but you might not.

Try to avoid night missions

It might seem like a pretty awesome idea to try to survive in the complete darkness, but when there’s a blood thirsty horde chasing after you, that’s not always the best situation to be stranded in a gloomy compact house. If you do opt to go out and explore at night, make sure you have a car parked out front and you know exactly where your escape exits are such as broken windows or open doors. The last you want to do is smash through a window making as much noise as possible, potentially causing a nearby zombie horde to investigate.

Scavenge items of value

When you’re out on scavenging runs, it’s worth keeping an eye out for some valuable loot. An SMG would go down a treat with your Influence points, so it’s always worth grabbing anything you see of worth and storing it back home. Even if you don’t plan on using in, just keep it stored away for future use. After all, Influence can be used to call in backup such as sniper support or an artillery shower from the army.

After you’ve gathered make sure you put those resources to use by spending them on the previously mentioned support options and upgrading your base. Extending the sniper range on your guard tower is a pretty useful upgrade, especially if you lure a horde accidentally back to your base. If supplies run low you can also use your Influence points to locate some more supplies, which are then marked on your map.

Manage your home base

One of the most demanding tasks in State of Decay is keeping your camp happy. They often make requests if there’s a free building plot, but if there’s no space you’ve got to take things into your own hands and make a decision over what you want. Do you opt for a training area or an extra storage area to gather more Influence? That choice lies completely with you.

It’s worth thinking about what your camp lacks. If you desperately need food, it might be worth making a farm. If you have a lot of cars needing repairs, then you’ll create a workshop area. Personally, I didn’t find food a problem, the main issue was a lack of cars on the road due to my bad driving and the number of cars I wrecked.

I hope these tips will help you survive and escape the zombie apocalypse that faces you in State of Decay. If you’ve got additional tips from your own experiences feel free to share them in the comments below.